If King Kong Was Real - We Bust Fiction Myths Using Science

The "Eighth Wonder of the World" has triggered the storytelling minds of many directors, so when we saw the last cinematic representation of the ape monster in Kong: Skull Island, we had to shake the fascination with the supernatural and metaphysical and put our heads together to provide solid scientific answers to the real questions at hand, like what kind of ape Kong exactly is, what his physical characteristics would have been had he been real, and could he actually have taken down a helicopter. So, there it is - for your perusal - the end result of excruciating mental effort and sleepless nights spent calculating the quantity of bananas a non-existent anthropomorphic gorilla would need to meet his sustenance needs. In our defence, we've never claimed normality. But still - furries, despite this post detailing the corporal attributes of a furry animal, this is not intended at you and your erm... unconvential interests so please don't send us unsolicited pictures or party invitations.

How Much Would King Kong Weigh

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Now, we may not be accomplished anthropologists ourselves but if Dr Brennan has taught us anything, it's that bones can help you deduct everything about a person from their favourite pizza toppings to the colour of their nursery and the psychological effect of those, so we resorted to craniology and used the shape of Kong's skull as evidence to support a theory that the 2017 King Kong in fact resembles more a chimpanzee than a gorilla, which would attribute him to the Pan genus. The director of Kong: Skull Island has said that the ape in his movie is 100 ft tall, so using this statement and the biological data about the average chimpanzee's size, we set about some serious Sheldon Cooper-style calculations and were to establish how much King Kong would weigh. Yes, we do realise that's a second nerdy TV series reference - what did you expect, this is a post by people who have dedicated their free time to scrutinising the characteristics of planes and the bite size of apes. Anyway, based on these, we were able to establish that Kong comes to the size of 15 chimpanzees, weighing more than 3,125,000 pounds or 1,400 tons.

Now, a creature that huge would have to eat a lot, you might think and you'd be right - try something like 46,500-kg-food-a-day a lot. To help you get to grips with just how much this is - that's 400,000 bananas a day. *Disclaimer: we're using bananas as a reference merely for their purpose of a universal measuring unit, and not making a bigoted stereotypical assumption - we do realise that apes are strong independent creatures, perfectly capable of making dietary choices on their own. Okay, by this time we were on full "Charlie Kelly and the mailroom conspiracy" mode, as we were getting to the interesting myth-busting part - could King Kong have actually taken down a helicopter and could he have fitted in a plane in order to be transported from the island? The answers - yes, his physical strength and size would have allowed him to snatch those helicopters from the sky and no - no plane in existence could support his weight, so there's no way of taking him off the island in air.

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